Woodward Leadership Academy is a site-based K-6 public charter school. The educational program is uniquely suited to meet and exceed the diverse educational needs of the students we serve. The key characteristics of WLA Charter School include:

  • Highly structured values-centered curriculum. Our school emphasizes learning and achievement and focuses on developing within each student a strong sense of discipline, ethical values, personal responsibility, and respectfulness.
  • Teaching students how to learn and how to master grade-level skills. Our school teaches students critical analysis and reasoning skills so that they know how to learn and how to access knowledge.
  • Intensive focus on literacy. Our school’s intensive focus on literacy begins with the foundation of phonics and grammar so that students may develop their knowledge and understanding of composition and literature. Reading will be a key component of our academic program and a love of reading for leisure and pleasure will be instilled in each student scholar.
  • Community focus. Our school belongs to the community. Students, teachers, parents/guardians and administrators develop a strong relationship and work collaboratively to educate students and manage the school.

The vision of Woodward Leadership Academy is to reinvigorate our community by building healthy scholars and leaders who contribute to building a healthy community. Individual achievements will positively impact families, neighborhoods, and the global society in which we live. Woodward Leadership Academy seeks to create a school with a positive reputation for academic achievement that will draw students from San Bernardino and surrounding areas.

The mission of Woodward Leadership Academy is to provide an excellent education, equip students to have strong morals and be responsible community members, create a foundation for life-long learning, and develop students’ capacity to reach their highest potential in every area of life.

  • To expand the choices that parents and students have for a first-rate educational opportunity within the public school system.
  • To prepare our students to attend and compete at the top colleges and universities in the nation.
  • To realize this vision by discovering and by developing each student’s gifts and talents.

Through a community-wide collaborative effort, we will serve underserved students and families.