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Aviator   Eagles

Here's a Fun Fact!

Woodward LeadershipAcademy was named after Tuskegee Airman

Captain Edward Wilson Woodward Sr.,

who was enlisted in the early 1940's!


While vacations should be for relaxing and having fun, the best students aren't spending all of their vacations sleeping in, hanging out with friends, playing video games or binge-watching their favorite shows. To encourage your child to be the best student--just like the best athletes--vacation time is a time to stay in shape (or get even stronger and faster!).

Students should spend part of their vacation mastering* everything they didn't master during the year (or previous years), getting ahead, or digging deep into an academic area they really enjoyed during the year, but didn't have much time for. *How can you tell if your child has mastered something? They will miss few or no questions, make few or no mistakes, and produce a high-quality product almost every time. Mastery takes a lot of work, but also produces a lot of pride and satisfaction.

Summer Homework Tip

Over vacation, students should put in an hour per week for every year of school they've completed:

  • TK: 15 min./week

  • K: 30 min./week

  • 1st Grade: 1 hour/week

  • 2nd Grade: 2 hours/week

  • 3rd Grade: 3 hours/week

  • 4th Grade: 4 hours/week

  • 5th Grade: 5 hours/week (8 weeks)

  • 6th Grade: 6 hours/week

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