Involved, Engaged, & Connected

Woodward isn’t just for the students, it's for the entire
family. At the heart of Woodward's effort to invest in WLA
families is the Parent Involvement team, which includes a
parent liaison. The liaison is key to getting parents involved
on campus and connecting them to community resources.

“Our parent liaison is passionate about helping our
families and works diligently to increase family
engagement,” says Ms. Johnson, Operation Administration. 
“Teaching parent classes and providing community
resources are just a couple of the ways our parent
liaisons support our families.”


Jennifer Jefferson


Jennifer Jefferson has been a part of the WLA family for
the past 8 years, her job is about creating a tight knit
community of teachers, students and parents. She began her
role as liaison at Woodward Leadership Academy last year.
Despite her initial nerves about her new responsibility to lead
parent classes, Jefferson was able to overcome her own
shyness and create a true community amongst the parents.

“I really didn’t like to speak in public, or much at all,” says
Jefferson. “I didn’t realize as a parent liaison I would have to
give classes! But little by little I got used to it. Once the
parents started coming they turned into my friends, and I felt
more comfortable.”


"Woodward isnt just for the student, but the entire family..."

“At the beginning we hardly had any parent [involvement] because they didn’t know about the opportunities, or thought they weren’t needed at the elementary school level,” says Jefferson. “I
started putting myself out there, meeting people at orientation and inviting them to classes.”

Not only does Jefferson work diligently to get parents involved as campus volunteers and chaperones, she also works with individual families to meet their unique needs. Jefferson
learned how she can best serve the parents at Woodward, whether that is providing educational classes, mental wellness resources, food or clothing.



Beyond her efforts to boost the community at her own campus, Jefferson helps guide the new generations of parent liaisons across the district, making her a key component in the team’s effort to invest in families not just here at Woodward but also across the school district.

Setting Students Up For Success


Jennifer Jefferson

Jennifer was recently interviewed by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, here's what she had to say! 

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We will provide students with weekly enriching field trips. Parents/guardians will be notified a week prior. This will be sent via Procare. You should have already received our first field trip detailed invite through the new communication platform.


We believe that open lines of communication between the parent, student, and teachers are key to successfully nurturing each child to their potential. We are looking forward to working with you and your child. Together we can make a difference!


Please feel free to contact us at any time if there is a question or situation you would like to discuss. You will receive additional communication throughout the Summer Enrichment Program. We look forward to building a relationship with you and your child and providing the best education that we can give. 


909-266-1762 EXT:105

Warm regards from Ms. Jennifer!

It is a pleasure to have your child enrolled in the The Soar Club at Woodward Leadership Academy Summer Enrichment Program!  


Students must be signed-in when they are dropped off and signed out before they are released to go home. You all should have received a personal 4-digit pin, this pin is assigned to you and only you. This is what you will use to sign your student(s) in & out of The Soar Club. If you need any assistance with this, I'll gladly assist you.


For those who enrolled their student online, there are a few waivers that need to be signed before June 9th. Please contact me if you haven't already completed those forms.