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It Takes A Village


Hello Aviators,


I am Mrs. Rhonda Dennis, the proud and very honored Principal of Woodward Leadership Academy. I come to WLA this year with 22 years in education having taught in district, private, and charter schools, grades pre-school through 8th grade. This year begins my 5th year in administration and as a Principal I have been instrumental in leading underperforming schools to academic excellence. I look forward to the opportunity to develop a solid teaching staff that will bring academic excellence to the “scholars” of  Woodward Leadership Academy. 

"strong morals and be responsible community members..."

The mission of Woodward Leadership Academy is to provide an excellent education, equip students to have strong morals and be responsible community members, create a foundation for life-long learning, and develop students’ capacity to reach their highest potential in every area of life. Our WLA vision is to reinvigorate our community by building healthy scholars and leaders who contribute to building a healthy community. Individual achievements will positively impact families, neighborhoods, and the global society in which we live. Woodward Leadership Academy seeks to create a school with a positive reputation for academic achievement that will draw students from San Bernardino and surrounding areas.​


 As we complete the first trimester of school, we now have an idea of what is needed to ensure that we have a prosperous school year and fall in line with our mission and vision statements. Currently, the three most pressing areas that we will be focused this year are:

  1. Teacher/para-educator development 

  2. Immediate development and implementation of PBIS strategies, and

  3. Increasing scholar achievement


Our teaching staff needs effective classroom management tools and our scholars need a clear model and practice of expected procedures and academic structure in order for the vision and mission to be fulfilled. It takes a village to raise a child. Together we will strengthen our village into one that our scholars, parents, and community will be proud to be a part of.

Rhonda Dennis, Principal

"I am an architect who builds people up, not a demolitionist who tears people down."



The mission for the WLA counseling program is for all students to have equitable access to a multi-tier, multi-domain school counseling program designed to support each student in reaching their social/emotional, academic, and college/career potential. We advocate for equity, access, and success for every student through classroom integrated curriculum, small groups, individual counseling, and school-wide activities. In collaboration with the community, teachers, school staff, and parents, all students will develop the foundational skills to foster a safe learning environment, build resiliency, and empower them to become caring contributing members of our community.


They will be equipped with the highest level of social/emotional, academic, and college/career skills to reach their highest potential and sustain personal growth, while meeting each student in their educational standpoint and assisting in equipping each one in order to remove barriers in their learning journey.

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