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Welcome to Woodward Leadership Academy!

Woodward Leadership Academy (WLA) is an innovative public elementary school of the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) that will serve students in grades K-6. The school will provide families with before and after school care and a highly qualified teaching and dynamic support staff at no cost . WLA will serve a need in the community for parents/guardians who want their children to learn in a small environment where staff and supportive community members know students by name, and have high expectations for them.

At Woodward Leadership Academy, we seek to empower students to develop a passion for lifelong learning and to nurture them by engaging their intellect, emotions, and natural curiosity. We seek to instill not only the knowledge, skills and abilities of the staff set forth in the California State Standards and the Common Core Standards, but also to develop student self-confidence and motivation to use their education responsibly. This, along with our school-wide programs that focus on their competence as learners and their confidence as contributing community members, will enrich their own lives and the lives of those in their communities.

Woodward Leadership Academy (WLA) is currently “developing and fine tuning” the programs and establishing how all elements will support one another and provide a valuable and comprehensive educational experience for the success of all children. Students attending Woodward Leadership Academy will have opportunities to work with their teachers and support staff to develop their skills and apply concepts across all curricular areas.

We invite parents/guardians, other family members and community members to become actively involved in the development of the school and the continuous improvement of the educational programs and extracurricular activities. Your ideas, input and volunteer help are welcome!

This year will be the first year of Woodward Leadership Academy, and I invite you to make it a memorable one. I am thrilled at the opportunity to get to know all of you and to engage in the educational process with you as partners. The elementary school years are critical years in the development of children and their families alike. I am a lifelong educator with a firm commitment to students and families for the love of learning and mastering challenges with success. I look forward to building lasting relationships with each member of the WLA community and making this a successful endeavor for all of us.

Lawrence Wynder


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